Detox Tea – CLEANSE Herbal Teatox Reduces Bloating & Helps Your Body Stay Regular | Keep Your Colon Happy and You Feeling Healthy with Hey Girl Tea


● YOU NEED THIS! – Have you been eating too much lately and feeling super bloated? Do you want to start or get back on your path of feeling healthy again? You can start with a simple cup at bedtime. Our top rated blend cleanses your body and flushes out the nasty toxins built up inside of you. It’s time to feel healthy again!
● IT WORKS! – If you don’t have the best diet then your body is most likely backed up with toxins . This would lead to bloating and/or constipation . Our supplement contains senna , which is known to get things moving in your belly and helping you stay regular. Although we don’t promote this as a weight loss tea , many clients have experienced amazing results losing weight because of this. So believe us when we say it works. Never let your tummy feel bloated again!
● DETOX WITH US! – Why? We made sure all our herbal tea blends do what they say. Our cleansing herb formula acts as a natural laxative and has a gentle smooth taste to tease your taste buds. Take at night before bedtime or after dinner for bloating relief the next day. It can also help with appetite suppressant , hunger control , weightloss and ibs relief . So go ahead and try it, we promise it’s effective !
● NO DRAMA! – We believe that our products are the ABSOLUTE BEST herbal teas… ON THE MARKET!! If you don’t agree, there’s no fine print to read and no gimmicks here! Get in contact with us ANYTIME after your purchase and we will provide a FULL REFUND! So what are you waiting for?! CLICK ‘Add to Cart’ NOW, 100% RISK FREE!
● SO EASY! – Yes Girl, our slimming tea also boosts metabolism in a super simple way! You just need to steep leaves in tea bags or a tea infuser for 5-10 minutes, depending on desired strength. Remember to drink it after dinner or before bedtime. Don’t worry, it’s caffeine free!

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From the brand owner

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Based in: British Columbia, CA

Our story

How we got our start?

Plant based teas and infusions have sustained good health throughout the ages but for some reason they were missing in our modern diets and active lives. We discovered time honored secrets passed down through many generations from various cultures around the world and made them delicious : )

What makes our product unique?

It all start with Mother Nature’s 100% sustainable plant based ingredients lovingly formulated by tea obsessed experts. Easy as 1-2-3 Just add hot water and brew to start your good health journey. Gentle but effective with a great taste. A wonderful addition to any active lifestyle.

Why we love what we do?

Awesome customer experience! We aim to transfer our passion for tea to empower you to make a responsible choice. We love giving you a natural option, one that is sustainable and earth friendly. We love standing behind every purchase and making a genuine connection with each supporter.

Product Description

When Should You Detox?

There are four times we suggest to detox.

1. DETOX! – If you feel super bloated girl then drink Cleanse Tea 3-4 days straight then every other night until the bag is done.

2. MAINTAIN – If you feel backed up weekly, keep Cleanse Tea in your cupboard ready to go once or twice to stay regular and get rid of a little junk in the trunk.

3. OOPS! – When you’re at a party, your favorite restaurant, or just cooked the best food ever and ate wayyy too much … Uh-Oh! After the fact, we always feel so bloated people may even think we’re pregnant! We don’t want that. Wish you had a reset button? Drink Cleanse and hit reset!

4. PERIOD! – When it’s that time of the month, it’s always best to have a bag of Cleanse ready in your cupboard. 

Just One Cup A Day!

Just one cup a day can help you cleanse and stay regular. Make sure to drink after dinner or before bedtime. Don’t worry, there is no caffeine. You shouldn’t have any problems sleeping. 

Want Better Results?

There is no secret. If you want long lasting results to lose weight you need to exercise and eat healthy. Our tea may help you in the short term but girl you owe it to yourself to keep it off and be a healthier person. 

Set goals and write it in a notebook. Find a workout buddy to go for jogs with or to the gym. Anything you can do to get to your goals, do it! 

Hey Girl’s always do what they say and get stuff done!

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